14 Things: Dreaming of Spring



Sorry it been a while since I posted. Turns out building a website is hard and then its even harder when you cant log into it for a couple months!

You know I love lists so I’m going to dive back into things starting with one! I am sure you are with me in the thought that, ” THIS IS THE LONGEST WINTER EVER!”. I really can’t scream that loud enough for it to come through in type. So here are some things that I long for that maybe you can relate to.

14 Things: Dreaming of Spring

1. Of course, first and foremost: OPENING THE WINDOWS. Letting it blow all the winter funk away.

2. Porch swing time with a Blue Moon and a perfect slice of orange.

3. Outdoor craft fairs!

4. Wearing one layer of clothing. Heck, even just two.

5. Color. Any color. Blooms, skirts, heels, food, anything.

6. Food trucks

7. Painting in Plein Air

8. 1st Saturday Night Art Crawls. With no ski mask, parkas, snow boots, or coffee required. Bring me some bright art and some wine please!

9. More salads. Less soups.

10. Farmer’s Market. Crowded, with lots of things to look at. Coming home with a car full of flowers.

11. Leisurely walking home from the bus. No more shiver running.

12. Redbuds

13. Seeing all my wonderful neighbors out and about. Walking dogs, planting flowers, and mowing grass.

14. Wait. Can you just smell it? Fresh cut grass.

Anybody with me on this one? If so, what are some things that you are dreaming for this spring?!

April Listography

Continuing my #78List

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Day 21- April 2- I loved my childhood..
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Day 29-April 10- Things true to my zodiac sign
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Day 33-April 14- Things I don’t like about my neighborhood
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Just a little list challenge

I tend to be a list maker. Kinda…? I’m that person who makes a list and then never looks at it again. You may think it’s a worthless waste of time but I swear, it helps! Just the writing down helps me remember or puts my thoughts in order so I never really need to look at it again. Ok… Maybe I SHOULD look at again but that is a whole issue in itself. ;)
So last year I did a 365 Photo Challenge and actually made it! It was so hard and it may seem silly but.. Rewarding. It was truly a huge challenge to keep up with but now I have so many things captured to always look back on. I decided not to do it again but now I’m itching for something else.
You may have seen the trends of “sketch a day” or “list a day”. They have certain requirements and time allowed. I decided to combine both of those ideas, make my own rules, and go with it. I have this little miniature moleskin which I have had for around 3 years. It only has one page (terribly) drawn in it. “A moleskin! They are expensive and just too nice to actually write in!” screams my head. The thing is: this little guy needs a purpose!
My little book has 78 pages so I will do it 78 days. Combining (hopefully) a little doodle and a list that I made (& some stole).
I will be posting my picture on Instatgram- 30silentmockingbirds  if you want to follow or if you wanna get all crazy join in hashtag #78list
My hope is: that it will help with my creativity. My goal is: well its just for kicks and giggles.
So here we go for march and good start 3-13-13 right?

1. March 13- why I list
2. March 14- who am I
3. March 15- goals this year
4. March 16- what makes me happy
5. March 17- where I live
6. March 18 – I need to start
7. March 19- my faults
8. March 20- books to read
9. March 21- borrrring!
10. March 22- summer to-do
11. March 23- states I love
12. March 24- yummy eats
13. March 25- daughter
14. March 26- life songs
15. March 27- if you’re feeling blue
16. March 28- cats
17. March 29 – places to go
18. March 30- Friday nights
19. March 31- don’t make me