30 Silent Mockingbirds is a block print company but can also be associated with mix media, arts and crafts, and some good ole front porch sittin’! Owned by a gal from Alabama, making East Nashville her home, she creates in her studio (lovingly called “theRoost”), along with her five year old daughter, and side- kicks Gunner and Puss-n-boots.

 Sunni studied Fine Arts in college with a concentration in painting. She also studied Lithography printmaking intensely the last semester. Relief block printing was something she had never had the chance to learn until a couple of years ago; she wanted to create a card and needed a way to produce multiple copies with the same consistency.

 (Insert woodblock- carving tools- finger injuries- happiness here).

One of the oldest forms of printing, relief block printing is a method used to make multiple copies of the same image. Ink is transferred under pressure to paper by the raised parts of a prepared printing block, surface, or texture.

When sketching up an idea for the vision of the print, everything must be a mirror image for the final product. The artist works with negative and positive spaces while being aware that a simple shadow in my original sketch may end up being a highlight on the print.  One thing that sets carving a block apart from other mediums is that when mistakes are made there is no going back to erase/paint over the error.  These “mistakes” can lead to some interesting on-the-fly changes on the print. Usually this ends up being a good thing and at 30 Silent Mockingbirds the mindset is: “What’s meant to be, is meant to be.” Each print is created through applying ink to the block and either hand pressing or etch pressing it to the paper. This process is used on every single print, making no two prints that are exactly the same. The small imperfections make the piece real, personal and as unique as the viewer/artist themselves.