Just a little list challenge

I tend to be a list maker. Kinda…? I’m that person who makes a list and then never looks at it again. You may think it’s a worthless waste of time but I swear, it helps! Just the writing down helps me remember or puts my thoughts in order so I never really need to look at it again. Ok… Maybe I SHOULD look at again but that is a whole issue in itself. ;)
So last year I did a 365 Photo Challenge and actually made it! It was so hard and it may seem silly but.. Rewarding. It was truly a huge challenge to keep up with but now I have so many things captured to always look back on. I decided not to do it again but now I’m itching for something else.
You may have seen the trends of “sketch a day” or “list a day”. They have certain requirements and time allowed. I decided to combine both of those ideas, make my own rules, and go with it. I have this little miniature moleskin which I have had for around 3 years. It only has one page (terribly) drawn in it. “A moleskin! They are expensive and just too nice to actually write in!” screams my head. The thing is: this little guy needs a purpose!
My little book has 78 pages so I will do it 78 days. Combining (hopefully) a little doodle and a list that I made (& some stole).
I will be posting my picture on Instatgram- 30silentmockingbirds  if you want to follow or if you wanna get all crazy join in hashtag #78list
My hope is: that it will help with my creativity. My goal is: well its just for kicks and giggles.
So here we go for march and good start 3-13-13 right?

1. March 13- why I list
2. March 14- who am I
3. March 15- goals this year
4. March 16- what makes me happy
5. March 17- where I live
6. March 18 – I need to start
7. March 19- my faults
8. March 20- books to read
9. March 21- borrrring!
10. March 22- summer to-do
11. March 23- states I love
12. March 24- yummy eats
13. March 25- daughter
14. March 26- life songs
15. March 27- if you’re feeling blue
16. March 28- cats
17. March 29 – places to go
18. March 30- Friday nights
19. March 31- don’t make me

Anybody there>?

Here! Here!

Everyone has been inquiring about where 30 Silent Mockingbirds has been hiding. The answer: researching,  sleeping, printing, thinking, staring, sketching, reading, reading, reading.
When Mockbrd began it was just hanging out in the nest, kinda peeking over the edge to see what was out there. Like a test of ideas. Is this what I want to do? Where will I find the time? Where will I find the funds? Will anyone even appreciate it? Then I creeped up to the side of the edge and realized I had to just jump and figure out how to fly fast.
Here is my little secret: I have a full time job. Like one where I work somewhere else that isnt 30 Silent Mockingbirds. I know, I know, I’m not supposed to admit that as an artist. It kinda kills that whole Starving Artist Romanticism thing. I mean… you aren’t a legit artist till you can say “self employed” right? Oops, I guess I wasnt supposed to tell you that I have a separate job to pay the bills (for now). However, it IS my dream, does that count? I AM a starving artist! I am STARVING to be myself.. I am STARVING to create. I am STARVING to fly on my own. But alas, I am not there yet, I have a mortgage, I’m a single mom to a five year old,  there is that whole insurance thing, and the cat, and the dog, and the fence, and the and the and the….
So back to “where have I been”..
The success (at least what I find it) of Mockbrd smacked me in the face at the busiest time of the year at my “day job” in addition to life busy as it is in general: Christmas. I didn’t sleep for two months! So I ended up taking a month off to rest, move my studio, and to evaluate. Then I took another month to research.

I did so many more things last year than I had planned on:

1. Started 30 Silent Mockingbirds
2. Produced over 30 variations of block prints
3. Actually added items to My Etsy Store 
4. Made a  Facebook Page
5. Entered the Instagram world
6. Joined Pinterest 
7. Crashed in to Twitter (kinda)
8. Started this Blog 
9. Somehow made all those things connect together
10. Was Scouted by Scout Mob Shoppe
11. Threw a few custom orders into the mix
12. Survived my first online Christmas
13. Did my first art walk
14. Ate a lot of candy
15. Showed myself to the world (eeks! and by far the hardest)

So here I am now in March refreshed and ready to jump back into things. I have a little list of things I want to accomplish this year

1. More designs! (duh)
2. Shows. So far I will be at The Full Moon Tattoo and Horror Convention (random? yes.)
 and First Fridays In Florence. More to come…
3. Legitness. Like boring business stuff.
4. Website.TADA!!!!!:  www.30silentmockingbirds.com Click and there is nothing? Yea, I didn’t say it was actually working.
5. Par-tay! So excited about this one. Kinda like a “Grand Opening” party at 30 Silent Mockingbirds to show off the studio “theRoost”, have all the artist friends over for a yART sale, AND celebrate with friends, wine, art, and happiness!

So excited about this year!