MY Nashville

“My Nashville” came to being right after I moved here. I met a couple friends.. all of us from small towns.. we just fell in LOVE with our new city. The first time I recall saying the phrase “My Nashville” was on the way back from a multi day kayak trip with my friend originally from South Carolina. As we came around the bend and saw our beautiful skyline we both said together “AW! Its My Nashville!” We laughed that we said the same thing and ended up watching the 4th of July fireworks over our skyline from the interstate that night.
That wasn’t the last time I said it. I find myself saying it alot. Maybe on the way back from a long trip or after shopping a couple miles away.
Now, I have called Nashville my home for 7 years and have found its not only my friend and I who say it… alot of people do. Even my little 4 year old daughter started screaming “My Nashville!” as we turn the bend on the interstate.. turns out, she loves this city too! So here, I made a print for all of us who call Nashville “MINE”!
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